Safeguarding Creditors’ Rights

Policy No. GOV-2018-011


1. Objective

   To provide guidelines on upholding of creditors’ rights in the manner that will safeguard the interest of the Company and in particular of its creditors.


 2. Scope / Coverage

  This policy covers directors, officers, employees and the Company’s creditors.


3. Policy

 The Company upholds the rights of creditors through the timely and accurate dislosure of material information, including, but not limited to, earnings results and significant risks that may materially impact the Company’s ability to comply with loan payments and covenants. 


4. Guidelines

   The Company respects agreements with creditors and, accordingly, adheres to the following guidelines:

  • Management of loan facilities according to lending objectives;
  •  Timely repayment of loans and interest;
  • Compliance with loan and other credit agreements; and
  • Operation of business to assure creditors of the Company’s continued financial health and loan repayment capabilities.

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