Employees' Safety, Health and Welfare

Policy No. 2018-001


1.  Objective

To emphasize the policy and procedures on how the Company provides services and facilities for the Employee’s betterment, aiming to help them improve as individuals, as team players at work and as members of the community.


2. Scope / Coverage

This policy covers APC Group Inc.’s Officers and Employees.


3. Policy

It is the Company’s policy to give importance to Employee welfare to help improve their loyalty, dedication, passion and productivity at work.


4. Guidelines

4.1  All Employees are to be selected, engaged, and compensated based on qualification, merit and performance. Equal opportunities are likewise promoted regardless of age, race, gender and religion.

4.2  All Employees shall be treated fairly and accorded respect and dignity. Their individual and collective rights shall not be violated.

4.3  The Company shall provide Employees continuous learning and development opportunities to improve and increase their level of competency, efficiency and general well-being leading to professional growth. Office uniforms, leave credits, medical healthcare, merit increases, bereavement assistance are extended as well.

4.4  In addition, as the Company values the importance of work-life balance, it enjoins its Employees to participate in health and fitness programs, team building, sports competitions and CSR-related activities which promote the spirit of volunteerism.

4.5  On an annual basis, performance is measured against defined targets, which are based on both financial and nonfinancial indicators of progress towards the short and long-term goals of the Company. Employee compensation and rewards are determined based on the individual performance of the Employee and overall Company performance.

4.6  The Company shall maintain a safe, productive and conducive workplace and comply with all applicable health, safety and environmental laws. It shall foster harmonious relations among its Officers and Employees and establish free and honest communication with them. Employees are covered by rules against the use of prohibited drugs and working under the influence of liquor.

4.7  The Company endeavors to provide career advancement to Employees through a clearly defined promotion system based on the Employee’s competencies, major contributions and accomplishments, work attitude and interpersonal relationships. Performance appraisals are conducted annually, and merit increases resulting from the appraisals are given to the deserving Employees, subject to the review and approval of Management.

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