Guidelines on Placement of Advertisements

This policy is intended to address instances where publications/magazines give out awards to companies and/or company executives to solicit for ad placements from the companies that are nominated for the awards. The advertisements will appear in the awards issue of the publication and the solicitation takes place prior to the release of the results of the awards. This creates a corporate governance issue because the company that agrees to place advertisements in the publication may be perceived as influencing the award through the payment for the advertisement.

In light of the foregoing and in line with its commitment to enhance its corporate governance practices, APC Group Inc. hereby issues the following guidelines:

1.    The Company hereby prohibits the placement of advertisements in publications that solicit for such ad placement prior to the release of the official results of the awarding process conducted by the publication and where the Company or a Company executive is one of the nominees vying for the award/s.

2.    As part of its overall marketing strategy, the Company may consider placing advertisements in such publications but only after the release of the results of the awarding process and where it will not create reasonable doubt that such ad placement influenced in any way an award given to the Company or a Company executive.

Please consult Mr. Jackson T. Ongsip, President and Chief Executive Officer, (email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.; telephone no.: 662-8888) if you have any questions.

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